We are one among the highest manpower supplying firm in various categories like Engineers, Technicians, Administrative Personals, DTP Operators, Office asistance etc .

Our main aim is to help persons who were undergone Apprenticeship training in various trades in various ISRO centers by way of finding suitable jobs for them.


Our Organisation

ISRO Apprenticeship Holders Society was formed in the year of 1998 registering under the Travancore-Cochin Scientific and literally act. (Reg no: T 703/98). We started with a total number of 32 members, Electing seven members to director board, and finally expanded with more than 700 members in a life span of 12 years.
Presently we are guided by eleven persons elected with in the society members, for its smooth and elegant working. The financial back-up is obtained by the joint venture of the each and every members of the society. Our  profit is distributed among the people who mostly deserves it such as blood donation, hospitalized cancer patient (children), orphans, widows and other destitute.